2016 Sweepstakes Winners!

John Cioffi– Sale Manager Jim Curley Buick GMC, Jenifer Gerlock – Winner of The Valerie Fund Sweepstakes, Bunny Flanders – The Valerie Fund, and Abdiel TVF patient who selected the winner.

Thank you to all supporters who attended.

2015 Sweepstakes Winners!

Mario Lopez

Purchased a car and received his winning voucher from Autosport Honda in Bridgewater.

Gail Scheeler

Purchased a car and received her winning voucher from Schumacher Chevrolet in Little Falls

Pictured with winner Gail Scheeler - Judy Schumacher, Owner of Schumacher Chevrolet and The Valerie Fund patient Abdiel who selected the winners.

Pictured with winner Mario Lopez - Jim Appleton, President of NJ Car, Bunny Flanders, Director of Marketing and Communications The Valerie Fund, and Patient Abdiel who selected the winners.

2014 Sweepstakes Winners!

The Valerie Fund, New Jersey Franchised Automotive Retailers and 83 sweepstakes finalists attended the Gala. More than 40 vehicles (representing more than 25 brands) were on display for the finalists and other attendees to view, while also enjoying entertainment and food.

At 6:00, all 100 finalists gathered and names were chosen until only 10 names remain. Those individuals were brought to the stage and interviewed about which car they will choose, if they are one of the final two winners.

As the evening came to a close, a Valerie Fund child pulled two names and those two individuals chose the vehicle they want as a prize from among the dozens on display (the contest covers a retail value of $33,000). The other finalists also received consolation prizes.

The two Grand Prize Winners were Linda Drake of Lebanon, NJ, who recieved her voucher from Ditschman Flemington Ford, and Lynda McLean of Matawan, NJ, who recieved her voucher from Circle Chevorlet.

Linda Drake

Lynda McLean

Thank you to all supporters who attended.

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